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Adresses: Armenia,Yerevan, Hyusisain Ave., Building 5 / See on Map
Telephones: +374-99-587477
Products: Trade in women's, men's clothing and accessories.

History It all started as one man's vision: To create the perfect "Oxford Cloth" button-down shirt. This has helped to give Gant a place in fashion history. Bernard Gant, originally coming from Ukraine, moved in 1914 to New York with the desire to pursue "The American dream."He started his work in fashion and clothing humbly. Initially he worked only as a seamstress, where his primary task was to sew shirts. It was here he met his wife, who worked for the same company. After 1 World War II began Bernard Gant, in collaboration with his wife and one less partner to produce their own shirts with an emphasis on quality and detail. They supply their products to major retailers, including to Brooks Brothers.In 1927 it was decided, however, to move the company to New Haven, Connecticut. Gants special characteristics, it was clear "G", which was usually embroidered into gants quality shirts. Many customers took the time after that "G" - actually this characteristic incredibly popular among the American people. After 2 World War II was ongoing increased demand on the gants shirts dramatically. People were tired of going to the stiff war uniforms and would love to have this replaced with something more relaxed, but at the same time quality clothing. This helped Bernard gants sons, Elliot and Marty, to comply. It was only here that the idea of starting their own fire occurred.In 1949 it was decided therefore to change the popular brand "G", with their own brand, Gant. In the past, Monday sold its products through several retail businesses, but now it became publicly known that the "G" had their own brand, namely, Gant.The first shirts experienced a huge success among the American people. Brand was initially very sporty, but still quality and fashionable. This decreased especially in good soil of the many sports universities which belonged to Ivy League.Demand for products gants exploded thereafter - as did the special East Coast style that Gant has always identified itself with. In 1951, when television got its big breakthrough in America, could fashion trends suddenly spread with an incredible speed. The interest in sports activities also rose very sharply, especially for American football, tennis and basketball. This Gant positively affected, since their product is so turned to the sports activists.This success was however Gant from the East Coast to develop their style further. Button-down shirts and "Rugger" collection, which is English-inspired, was then popular in America. Even today, Gant is still part of the permanent component of the American wardrobe.In 1960 John F. Kennedy was elected as America's youngest president ever. He was born and raised in Boston, educated at Harvard University and had a great holiday at Cape Cod. He was a perfect example of East Coast-style, as Gant, and most of America, could easily identify. By this time, Gant sold over most of America.

In 1967 Gant family sold the company to some big American companies such as Gant owned until 1999. But it was three Swedes Klas Kall, Lennart Bjork and Staffan Wittmark who - in 1980 - genopfandte Gant and developed for the global lifestyle brand as it is today.In 20 years enjoyed the Swedes from the worldwide recognition of their international Gant-collections. What humbly began as a fashion brand for men, has over the years evolved to become a global lifestyle brand for the whole family.
One of the reasons why gants "resurrection of" took place was that the brand had added a bit of European elegance and a dispute of sofistikation. This resulted in an artistic merger between the U.S. east coast and Europe, thus also one of the differences between Gant and all the other designer brands.The Swedish threesome bought Gant, from the then American owners in 1999. In 2008 the company was immediately sold to the Swiss retail business, Maus Freres.Jens Schirmer got Gant to Denmark in 1984 and has over the past 25 years built the Danish market. In 2002 Jens Schirmer sold 50% of its business to Michael Birk - together they have built further on the "American dream".
There are currently 8 Gant stores and approx. 180 large multinational distributors - by Woman, Home, Kids and But. Similarly, there are more dealers in shoes, perfume, watches and glasses.


1914 --- Bernard Gant arrives in America
1927 --- Bernard Gant moving from New York to New Haven, Connecticut, where he begins producing shirts
1949 --- Gant family launch a fire under the family name, Gant
1973 --- Gant Rugger is launched
1980 --- The Swedish threesome to license the right in Sweden, and a separate collection could take place
1985 --- The Swedish threesome to license the right to all of Europe
1989 --- The first Gant business, worldwide, opens in Stockholm, Sweden
1996 --- The development of the first Gant shoes takes place
1997 --- Boys Gant & Gant, the first perfume will be launched. Flagship store opening on Fifth Avenue in New York
1999 --- The Swedish threesome collector Gant and hence ensure a license for Eyewear
2001 --- Gant watches starts to be produced through a licensing agreement
2002 --- Home Gant & Gant baby is launched
2004 --- Gant Woman is launched
2006 --- Gant start their cooperative campaigns with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
2006 --- Gant Girls is launched
2008 --- The Swiss retail business, Maus Freres buy Gant

Everything Gant is doing based and derived from the first produced shirt. This is the whole basis of gants existence. Gant has had great success with their product, which has always been groundbreaking and creative. Gant developed example. The third button better to hold tie in place, and "locker loop" (hangen back of your shirt), also developed by Gant. Gant was also the first to introduce America to the English "Button-down shirt. This particular wrote Gant into fashion history.Gant-world is a world consisting of accomplishment anxious individuals. Active individuals who have an ardent passion for maintaining and protecting the environment. Gant knows that a smile says more than thousand words.Gants color is blue. Just as it is for freedom, sea, sky and ice. Blue is the dreams, the cleanliness interest and faith in color. Gant is blue.


Gant Spring 2011 Campaign

Model : Garrett Neff

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