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"Le Cafe De Paris" Cafe
Armenia,Yerevan, Abovyan St., 23 Building
Telephones: +374-10-522648;581199
Fax: +374-10-544534
Activity: Cafe
History (50 years History)
The roots of the company In 1952, Gortzounian Gourguen, moved to Cameroun with 20.000 francs borrowed to a French friend. They decided to go into business on their own. Within five years they had built "Les Etablissements Gortzounian". The company had six modern coffee peeling factories. During 40 years, the Gortzounian family was the main coffee exporter of Cameroun with about 26 to 30 thousand tons/year and controlled more than a third of the whole camerounese coffee production. Years later, her know-how in the coffee business led Valerie Gortzounian, daughter of Gourguen to start her own business in Armenia.

Nowdays in Armenia
Valerie Gortzounian and her husband Vazguen Assatrian wanted to accompagne the Armenian people in creating jobs and bringing a French touch and know-how in Yerevan. In 1995, the first Le Cafe de Paris store opened in Yerevan, it employed 17 men and women. The company still manages the whole processes from importing raw coffee beans from the best coffee plantations of world (Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala, Cameroon, Iaxica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Columbia, Costa Rica) to the selling of the final product. The beans are roasted and grinded behind the shop. In 2003, the French Ambassador in Armenia, Monsieur Henry Cuny, inaugurated the bistrot Le Cafe de Paris. It quickly became a place to be to enjoy the high quality coffee and the French mood. Indeed, everyday at any season you can read French magazines and newspapers and listen to French music.

After we receive the green coffee there are three major steps needed to prepare the green beans for consumption.First the beans must be roasted to just the right level to highlight any outstanding characteristics of the coffee, then the coffee must be ground relative to how it will be brewed, and lastly the freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee must be brewed at the right temperature for the correct amount of time.

Coffee roasting

Roasting is a chemical process by which aromatics, acids, and other flavor components are either created, balanced, or altered in a way that should augment the flavor, acidity, aftertaste and body of the coffee as desired by the roaster.The first stage of roasting is endothermic (beans absorb heat), where the green beans are slowly dried to become a yellow color and the beans begin to smell like toast or popcorn.


Armenia,Yerevan, Hyusisain Ave., 1/5b Building; Amiryan St., 3/37 Building
Telephones: +374-10-539899
Activity: Trade in "SEGAFREDO" coffee; Cafe

About us: Segafredo is one of the most famous producers of espresso in the world. In fact, it is the only company in the coffee industry, which directly controls the whole process of coffee production from harvesting in plantations in Brazil to the supply to the customer at any end of the world where there are coffee shops Segafredo. It is already more than one year that one can enjoy the unusual taste of the real coffee in Armenia, too.The first Segafredo in Yerevan was opened in 2009 on North Avenue, and the second - in early 2010 on Amirian street. The offers wonderful elite espresso for the true connoisseurs of this drink and many varieties of coffee based on the espresso.You can also enjoy light Italian dishes and, of course, desserts. It should also be noted that the workers of the cafe are baristas trained by specialists invited from around the world.

History: Massimo Zanetti founded Segafredo Zanetti. Initially he developed the business within Italy, where it soon became a leader in the licensed and public premises market. The company then extended into the consumer market and large scale retail trade, before going on to conquer the international markets.Segafredo Zanetti is now the leading Espresso producer in Italy and throughout the world, with more than 70,000 clients and 50 million cups of espresso drunk each day.Its mission is to spread the taste, the culture and preparation method of the true Italian Espresso to the whole rld.Translating this objective into action means offering a product of the utmost quality, quality that is guaranteed from the coffee plant to the cup, as only Segafredo Zanetti knows how.Segafredo Zanetti belongs to Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group. It is the first private group in the coffee world with 120,000 tonnes manufactured every year. Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group has a unique business design since thanks to the direct control of the whole production chain it is totally integrated.Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group encompasses many different well-known international brands. Most of them are leaders in their field or in their locations, with a rich variety of high quality regional products, from coffee to tea, from cocoa to spices


"PASCUCCI" Cafe-Shop
Armenia,Yerevan, Teryan St., 42 Building
Telephones: +374-10-568969
Activity: Trade in "Pascucci" coffee. Cafe-shop
About us: It was 1883 when Antonio Pascucci, the son of two weavers, decided to devote himself to trade, becoming  a small manufacturer. He devoted himself to alimentary products, as on the 15th of July an agreement between Italy and England was made in order to ratify the freedom of trade and navigation between the two countries. Among the products he traded there was colonial raw coffee, which became his passion.In 1935 Mario Pascucci, involved in the continuation of his father's work, opened the first family shop in Monte Cerignone, with the management of his wife Domenica.In the postwar period, Dino Pascucci, Mario’s brother, opened his own coffee bar in Monte Cerignone and installed the first espresso coffee machine. His specialties are coffee and sorbets.In the Fifties Alberto Pascucci decided to industrialize the roasting process and installed the first production plant. In 1963 Alberto installed the indirect-fired coffee roaster in order for an homogeneous roasting operation in order to obtain espresso coffee.In 1975 Caffи Pascucci gave itself up to espresso coffee, abandoning the food distribution and setting up the project “only top-quality coffee”. The extra bar mild blend was created from the union of natural Arabica and Robusta and Arabica washed coffee. Then, the golden blend, composed of sweet and aromatic coffee, innovated the taste of the espresso coffee.In 1996 the Espresso School was established; it is a vocational training centre committed to espresso and coffee recipes.The family company CIALDINO was born in 1998 and it plays an active role in the distribution and research of the coffee monodose pods sector.In the Nineties the family decided to start up and repeat the experience gained in the coffee bar sector according to the traditional model, through design and research in order to promote the development of coffee stores showing the brand Pascucci.In 2000 they inaugured the pilot centre CAFFИ PASCUCCI SHOP: a single brand, replicable sales point.In the same year, they also set up a project for a new plant intended to reach the best quality; the location is still the town of Monte Cerignone, because the climate keeps the raw coffee moisture stable.Later on, the Pascucci roasting system (with sound control) was patented. In 2006 the Chamber of Commerce awarded a prize to Alberto Pascucci as he helped the family company to reach the winning post in terms of qualitative excellence.


"La Bohéme" Cafe
Armenia,Yerevan, Hyusisain Ave., 5 Building / See on Map
Telephones: +374-98-434043 (mobile)
Activity: Cafe
About us: The first cafe La Boheme opened its hospitable doors in March 2009 in the heart of Yerevan, neighboring the monument of Alexander Tamanian. La Boheme was so much loved by its customers, that there arose a necessity to open a second establishment, which found its place in the Northern Avenue. In La Boheme they try to satisfy the demands of each customer and use the secrets of European cuisine in their work.Tha cafe offers the gourmands the traditional French dessert – the macaroon, which can be tasted only around the wonderful table La Boheme, as well as other French desserts. The atmosphere in the cafe matches with the elegant taste of the connoisseurs of the high life: every small detail is reasoned out there. La Boheme is equipped with halls for both smokers and non-smokers.


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