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Brabion Flora Service
Armenia,Yerevan,Sayat-Nova St., Building 7
Telephones: +374-10-525270(shop);548054(office);569356
Fax: +374-10-583475
Products: Flower delivery service in Armenia and abroad,
About us:Thanks to newly-fledged designers of the company that the population had got an access to perfect floristic works which resembled pictures from foreign magazines and books inaccessible in real life. "Brabion" became the godfather of floral art not only in Armenia, but also in Transcaucasia.  The Educational Center has been working since 1996, a center that trains floral artists popular not only in Armenia but also in other countries of the world.
Since 1993 the company has organized special exhibitions in Moscow, Nagorno-Karabakh, Tbilisi and many regions of Armenia during which large-scale representation of Armenian logistics' miracles took place. In 1993-94 "BRABION FLORA SERVICE" organized many floristic designs in Armenia (Hotels "Armenia" and "Ani", Governmental House of Receptions) as well as out of its regions, in particular, in Sochi hotel "Jemchujina" and complex "Lazurniy" were designed. The company is very often invited to participate in specialized exhibitions. So, in September 2003 at the international exhibition of flowers and plants "Flowers 2003" BRABION FLORA SERVICE was one of  few companies that was awarded a medal for "The Success in Floriculture and Flower Business". The company in its turn invites professional floral artists from abroad for the purpose of increasing the level of their designing skills.Year by year BRABION FLORA SERVICE has got popularity not only in the sphere of flower business and floristic, but also in the representation of the market of services related to design activity. Such services were absolutely new for Armenia and became an example for the imitation by others although many services are now offered by "Brabion" only.
Wedding Service "Brabion" is unique by its organizational structure. It's a centralized wedding service for newly married couples, beginning from wedding dresses and accessories and ending with the organization of ceremonies and design of halls, churches and cars. "Brabion" also offers wedding limousines and antiquarian cars and even a professional toast-man, i.e. everything that is necessary for the organization of an unforgettable holiday and all this services are offered by reasonable prices.
In March 2003, at the championship of hairdressing art and decorative cosmetics the designers of the company took the first four places in the nomination of "Flower Dress and Flower Heiress". The head of the jury was Sergey Zverev, a famous Russian hairdresser."Don't look at stars when the salute is in the sky"- that's the motto of the following service of "Brabion", named salute-balloon service. It turned so that practically no event including those of republican importance, be it the Independence Day, Children's Protection day, New Year and Christmas holidays, takes place without the company's active participation.
"BRABION FLORA SERVICE" is the only company in Armenia giving a complete spectrum of pyrotechnical services beginning from desktop salutes and ending with big fireworks. The assortment of the company includes ever possible types of salutes, fireworks and their combination by professionals will make your holiday unique and remarkable. The same service organizes the design by balloons. The high quality of balloons from Belgium, the taste and the professionalism of designers of the company can create a latex miracle, which  will undoubtedly decorate any ceremony, presentation or other event.
One of the "oldest" services is  "Brabion"'s agro-service which became a big garden center named ''MAMA FLORA''. It includes not only sale of pot plants, seeds, bulbs, fertilizers and pesticides, enriched soil, variety of gardening tools, designing of winter gardens, but also greenery planting and consultations. The agro-hospital department will take care of everything that grows in the garden or at home.
It is already 18 years that BRABION FLORA SERVICE has been the only company in Armenia which is a member of international organization of "Interflora" network of flower delivery. Becoming a member of "Interflora" Armenia appeared in international catalogues and fair brochures. Thus, Armenian Diaspora got a chance to interact by means of flowers. It is many years that Internet-service has been functioning, which gives opportunity to receive and send flowers, gifts, drinks and cakes. Poster-catalogues, booklets of the company contain detailed description of services.
The uniqueness of the firm was obvious from the very beginning. Under the initiative of the company in 1994 in Abovyan reformatory colony of women and minor a unique event under the title "Brabion-flowers of freedom" was organized . It was a holiday of flowers devoted to the International year of family, declared by UN. Women of the colony took part in the competition of florists, presenting their understanding of peace. Two winners of the competition got a "special prize" from the Ministry of Justice of the RA-prescheduled clearing. Who could ever guess that flower festivals will become a tradition?
That was the start of annual festivals, becoming international festivals. The titles of the festivals are the following: "Brabion- Flower of Peace" (1995); "Brabion- Flower of Childhood" (1996); "Brabion- Flower of Beauty" (1997-with the participation of Russian couturier Valentine Yudashkin)); "Brabion- Flower of Hope" (1998); "Brabion-Flower Bearing Light" (2001), "Brabion- Flower of Peace" (2003); "Brabion – Flower of Friendship" (2005). Through these events the company attempts to represent Armenia to the world.After a very short period after the festival took place the company develops further, building new plans and thinking about offering new services to surprise their clients by the ability to foresee their desires, to facilitate and to decorate their life.
Delivery on Order
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o Delivery Services: Alcoholic Beverages, within Armenia
o Delivery Services: Cakes, within Armenia
o Delivery Services: Flowers, Abroad
o Delivery Services: Flowers, from Abroad
o Delivery Services: Flowers, within Armenia
o Balloon Decoration Services for Rooms
o Balloon Decoration Services for Streets and Squares
o Decoration of Celebrations
o Decoration of Celebrations with Natural and Artificial Flowers
o Decoration of Gifts
o Plant Design
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Publishing and Printing Services
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o Funeral Services: Flower Decoration of Funeral Homes
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