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TOPSHOP.am” project has been developed and came to life through the efforts of 5 specialists of different spheres. It has been developed meticulously during one year period, when a strategic plan has been worked out, various queries have been carried out and an important base for a successful project as this has been laid. There have been built bridges of cooperation with many companies.

The whole project has a long-term developing and expanding vision and is consisted of various stages. It is the primary and essential stage we would love to present to you.

TOPSHOP.am” project currently is an integral information portal dedicated totally to clothing fashion and to anything that is connected to this sphere at all.

It has 2 general parts:

1. Shop salons and brands.(Commercial )

The aim is:

To create an e-catalog of Brand Accessories and Clothing Shops present in Armenia. It will enable to show the collection (whole, partial) of the Shop in 24x7 mode. Inform of current sales to the customers.

The items will be shown in photos, and the price also could be mentioned if wished.

With all this, from one hand we will help our citizens to save their time and be acquainted with the goods they would like to purchase and, from the other, we anticipate to promote consumption of goods and items of the shops.

Through this part we expect to correct the confusion of presenting the brands in Armenia and we think that many salons will receive their due rates from our citizens. We are confident that in short periods we will reach the point where the customers, instead of purchasing low-quality, expensive goods, they will overcome their fears and by visiting comfortable salons will choose quality products made by the original producer in the representative shop with acceptable prices.

1.1. PREMIUM and MEDIUM class clothing brands and shops present in Armenia will be presented.

1.2 Photo-catalogs of the brands and shops will be created.

1.3 Creative and colorful photo-catalogs of the collections will be created to show them on high level

1.4 Detailed information will be given about the given brand, about the representing company in Armenia and its activities and the shop salon. Here will be given their contact info and any internet link our clients would like to mention of themselves.

This is a commercial offer, which also has its certain requirements and ratings, which will not be violated to be sure of the 2-way benefit of the contract with the client and us. Below are some of the requirements:

The shop salon to be presented though our web site is to be the official representative of the brand it presents.
A shop salons cannot present a brand on our web site if the official representative of the given brand in Armenia is another company not belonging to the given shop salon.
By no means on our website will there be a deliberate under- or over- classification of the rating of the presented brand.
No information on our website about a brand without prior approval of the representing company.
The information obtained from shop salons and representatives of the brand will by no means be subject of our commercial objectives, such as selling, exchange/ barter or use, without prior approval of the shop salon and the representative.

2. All the individuals and institutions in the field of clothing fashion in Armenia (Non-commercial).

The aim is:

  • To create an information portal to make the clothing fashion accessible in Armenia.
  • To create an information field and thus support effective interconnection and relationship of the individuals and the entities of Armenia clothing fashion.
  • To make the people living in Armenia and working in this field known.
  • To become a place of sharing of experience among the representatives of this field who live outside and in Armenia.
  • To give the opportunity to the beginners to express and introduce themselves and their works.
  • To make it accessible for the world the information about the events taking place in Armenia in this sphere.
  • To promote Armenian production and consumption of goods of clothing fashion.

It consists of the following sections:

  • Photographers: Photo gallery of the works, contacts, biography, list of services provided
  • Fashion Designers: Photo gallery of the works, contacts, biography, list of services provided
  • Hairdressers: Photo gallery of the works, contacts, biography, list of services provided
  • Models: Photo gallery of the works, contacts, biography, list of services provided
  • Studios: Photo gallery of the works, contacts, biography, list of services provided
  • Magazines: Magazine issues, contacts, list of services provided
  • Image Studios: Photo gallery of the works, contacts, biography, list of services provided
  • Academic Institutions: Photo gallery of the works, contacts, biography
  • Editors working in the field of clothing fashion
  • Collection of Armenian production of clothing fashion
  • Individual works with price offers: Price offer comes from the author of the work. The author sells his works him/herself without our mediation. It is free of charge for them.
  • Price Offer for all the services provided in this sphere with direct contact of service implementer.
  • Information support for any event and for the event organizers in the sphere of clothing fashion.

This part of the project is not commercial, but for successful establishment of “TOPSHOP.am” project and meanwhile having the aim of ensuring the best quality of representing Armenian clothing fashion on this website, there derived some requirements in it:

Individuals and the institutions will be elected by the Board. The Board consists of a group of professionals in various fields and who will try reasonably and relevantly shape the quality and taste of our website. Especially,
  • Introduced works and services should suffice high standards
  • The works should be unique and should suffice the style of the website.
  • Works presented should be made of quality materials.
  • The services should be defined by their high quality features.

And finally, this Project is implemented through the efforts of 3 groups:

Staff which has direct responsibilities of the project:

  • Web Designers.
  • Programmers.
  • Photographers.
  • Marketing specialists.


  • Fashion Designers
  • Hairdressers
  • Models
  • Studios
  • Magazines
  • Image Studios

The Board: members of this groupare selected and invited to coordinate our works and to support us to keep the relevant level and rating of this project. They help us in the process of revealing of talented beginners, in introducing ourselves to wider world abroad, as well as they rate and appreciate our work and lead into the quality and rated path. Our board members are:

  • Editor working in the field of fashion.
  • Director of a company representing some premium class brands.
  • Fashion Designer.
  • Studio manager.
  • Photographers.
  • Models.
  • Hairdressers.

Thank You for visiting our website. We hope this visit has been useful to You.

We will be glad to hear Your offers, comments and corrections.

Truly Yours,

TOPSHOP.am Staff

You may direct any questions about this Agreement to:


email: info@topshop.am

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